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Private Charter Services OFF PEAK fares Available on early morning shuttles departing FROM DIA to Fort Collins and late evening shuttles from Fort Collins TO DIA

Note 1: To see the Off-Peak evening runs TO DIA, enter a flight departure time of 2am or earlier.

Note 2: To see the OFF-PEAK morning runs FROM DIA, enter a flight arrival time of 1am or later

These fares are only available online and are limited to convenient transit center stops, including the CSU Transit Center, GR office at the Foothills Mall, and the Harmony Transportation Center.

To check availability and fares or to make a reservation go to our OFFPEAK reservations page.


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When there is severe weather or road closures Green Ride will operate until CDOT, CSP, WYODOT, etc. close roads. After roads reopen, we will restart service as quickly as we safely can. GR Facebook  

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HTC Parking Limited

Parking at the Harmony Transportation Center is frequently full; please consider the Foothills Mall Park & Ride where parking is abundant!


Green Ride picking up on Level 5, West Side at DIA DIA PICKUP: West Side / Door 504 / Island 5.

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