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Green Ride Central is open;
our new Northern Colorado Park and Ride Hub
is at the Fort Collins-Loveland Airport.

Free Parking for up to a month for our Customers

Heated /Air Conditioned Waiting Area

Free WiFi

And Restrooms!

Will Green Ride still have a stop at Harmony Transportation Center?

Yes. You can still be picked up and dropped off at HTC, you just can’t park overnight. HTC will operate just like our other regular pick up locations. On November 16th, 2015 Green Ride is bringing back our direct service between HTC and DIA.

How will this affect the travel time to DIA?

Travel time from Green Ride Central to DIA takes about one hour. For locations in Northwest Fort Collins your pick up time may 10 to 15 minutes earlier. However, on November 16, 2015 we will bring back direct service between HTC and DIA and the in town Fort Collins pickup times will be back to the best they have ever been.

Will anything else change?

No. All the reasons you choose Green Ride will remain the same:

Respectful door to door service.
Multiple convenient pick up locations.
On-time and dependable.
Safe and friendly drivers.
And of course, free water!

We celebrated the Grand Opening of Green Ride Central on August 11th, 2015.

As of June 1st, CDOT changed the parking rules at HTC. Parking for more than 24 hours at the Harmony Transportation Center (HTC) is no longer allowed.

Directions to Green
Ride Central
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Thank you for continuing to choose Green Ride.

Besides the hassle-free travel and the cost savings you enjoy by not driving, shared ride also reduces greenhouse gasses and highway congestion. In fact, you helped us eliminate the equivalent of 160,000 private vehicle trips between DIA and Northern Colorado last year alone!

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