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Green PrinciplesThe question we hear most frequently is "How is Green Ride CO green?" In addition to the standard reduce, recycle, reuse, the following are some specific things we do to help the environment and reduce greenhouse gasses.

Shared Ride - Major Greenhouse Gas reduction! Removes other vehicles from the road reducing emissions, congestion, wear and tear on highways, increases safety and helps your vehicles last longer so they do not need to be replaced as often.

Reservations and Planning - A reservation based operation helps us plan for the right size vehicle. We occasionally cancel a 150 mile drive to DIA when we have no reservations. We use Dodge caravans, 15 passenger vans and buses that have a capacity of up 40 passengers. Passenger volume continues to increase which means our passenger miles per gallon keeps getting better.

Reservations allow us to plan pickup and drop-off routes which in turn helps reduce total miles driven by the fleet.

Alternative Fuels - Gasoline, sad but yes we primarily use gas! We really wanted to use compressed natural gas (CNG), but there are no public fueling stations in Fort Collins and even so, the conversion to CNG costs $15,000 plus the cost of the vehicle. If only we were rich!

Hybrids are good for stop and go service, but have little or no value on highway fuel consumption. There are no reasonably priced diesel powered vehicles available for 10-15p vans and bio-diesel is somewhat controversial anyway; should we redirect food crops to fuel crops? The future does look bright with other sources of bio-diesel being developed. Electric vehicles don't have capacity or range yet. Stay tuned, there is plenty of research taking place in this area.

Driving style - Our policy is to accelerate slowly and decelerate slowly. Drive a maximum of 68 to 70mph and never exceed any speed limit. Slower driving is safer, quieter, conserves fuel, reduces wear and tear on tires, brakes, and moving components and helps vehicles last longer so the energy required to build a new vehicle is avoided.

Idling! Vehicles should never idle without a very good reason such as very hot or very cold days. Our guideline is to turn the vehicles off every time they stop to load or unload passengers.

- Our reservation agents work from home; no driving to and from work; no big office to heat and cool.

Office furnishing; whenever we can we purchase used goods, acquired from Colorado Corrections, Savers, etc. We have gotten paint from Larimer County Landfill, building materials from ReSource.

The managers don't have individual offices. Company officers work from home, from coffee shops, from wherever they are using computers and smart phones.

We attract people who care about the environment. Some employees ride bikes to work and/or to meetings.

Water! Best solution is to bring your own water in a reusable container. All bottles are recycled but we would prefer to give out less. Unfortunately we cannot serve water from an open container. The only options we currently have is to offer bottled water or to not offer water. We have decided to offer water.

We are members of Climatewise, Clean Cities, and we support events that are environmentally friendly like the Sustainable Living Fair, Green Drinks, and biking events; we work with companies and organizations that have green culture like Trees, Water & People, New Belgium Brewery, and Colorado State University.

As we continue to grow and evolve we will continue to make greater contributions to the community, to the environment, to the local economy, to non-profits and volunteer organizations, and to the employees.

We do what we can and it never will be enough. However we are growing and getting better at meeting and exceeding our goals and the expectations of the community.

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Green Ride Office Move!
Effective May 1st, Green Ride isĀ operating from the building located near Harmony Road and Interstate 25. The address is: 4414 E Harmony Rd, Suite 200, Fort Collins, CO 80528.

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