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Frequently Asked QuestionsThe question we hear most frequently is "How is Green Ride CO green?"
We do what we can and it never will be enough. We are doing many things in many areas and will always strive to exceed our goals and the expectations of the community. Find our green actions here.

"Does Green Ride CO have a Referral Program?"
Well, yes we do. We offer a Referral Program to reward our supporters and passengers: Tell your friend or aquaintance about our service and the first time they make a reservation, you receive a $5 referral discount on your next trip with Green Ride. Details here.

"What is Shared Ride and how does it work?"
The Green Ride (GR) Shared ride Airport Shuttle service provides a low cost, environmentally friendly transportation service between Denver Internation Airport, Fort Collins and Southern Wyoming. In a GR Shared Ride you share the vehicle with other travelers while also sharing the overall cost of the service. GR Shared ride helps the environment by eliminating the need for travelers to drive to DIA or get a a ride with a friend or family member. GR Shared Ride is locally owned and operated and puts money back into the local ecomony by employing local drivers, reservation agents and by supporting local busineses.
GR Shared Ride pickups are planned in detail every day. Late each day we calculate the most efficient routing to ensure home and business pickups are convenient and effective. After we have determined the most efficient routing we call each passenger and give a 5 minute pickup window for the next day.

"What happens to my Colorado Carbon Fund contribution?"
In past years Green Ride Colorado Passengers have contributed $800 to $1200 which is used by the Colorado Carbon Fund to reduce GHG emissions.

A donation of $800 is equivalent of 40.1 metric tons (88,405 lbs) of CO2 being reduced from the Colorado atmosphere. In terms that are easier to understand 40.1 metric tons of CO2e is the equivalent of:
> Preventing the emissions resulting from the consumption of 4,511 gallons of gasoline
> Greenhouse gas emissions avoided by recycling 27,000 lbs. of waste instead of sending it to the landfill
> The equivalent of carbon sequestered by 1,028 tree seedlings grown for 10 years
> Find out more about the Colorado Carbon Fund by reviewing the information on their web site

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Green Ride Office Move!
Effective May 1st, Green Ride isĀ operating from the building located near Harmony Road and Interstate 25. The address is: 4414 E Harmony Rd, Suite 200, Fort Collins, CO 80528.

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