The Green Doctrine

Question:  What specific ways will Green Ride help reduce the Northern Colorado carbon  footprint? 

Where are your HQs and what reductions will you have at the office?


First... we will never be as green as we want to be!  But we will continue to work toward reduced emissions and cleaner air!

The answers to your question fall into several categories, Airport Shuttle service, CNG Story, and Technology.

Airport Shuttle Service
In this category we will start by matching the vehicle to the demand.   For trips to the airport where the southbound reservation total is one or two with zero for the northbound, the smaller Toyota Prius or Dodge Caravan will suffice.  It is our expectation that customer demand will require the use of a van or bus for the majority of trips.  Transporting two or more customers, who would have used two or more vehicles, has a positive impact on total fuel consumption, congestion, highway safety and of course the overall carbon footprint.  We expect to average 5 to 10 people per van which translates to eliminating 3 to 5 return trips between the North Front Range and Denver International Airport.  Conservatively, that should be much better than a 50% reduction in the production of greenhouse gases.  As the business grows and larger buses are placed in service we will continue to improve the carbon footprint through the use of the shared ride concept, efficient vehicles, biodiesel, and CNG.  
Green Ride operates a reservations based system.  If there are no reservations we simply don't drive to the airport.  The ultimate green airport shuttle transportation carbon reduction!

The CNG Story today
Our first choice for vehicle fueling is compressed natural gas (CNG).  CNG is clean, abundant in America and cost effective.  There are CNG filling stations in Cheyenne, Denver, Boulder and at DIA, but currently there are no public CNG filling stations in the North Front Range.   We are working with a company called Clean Energy, a supplier of CNG to determine if our business model can work using the DIA filling station.  There are bi-fuel vehicle kits available that we are considering, but they are very expensive, have limited CNG range and may have to operate some part of every round trip on regular gasoline.  The best solution for us is shared ride vehicles running 100% on CNG.  We, along with Clean Energy, the City of Fort Collins and other organizations will be working toward creating the critical mass needed to install a public CNG filling station in Fort Collins.  

This could have the largest impact on the carbon footprint for the general call and demand service.  We use great planning, reservation, and dispatching technology that matches the customer's location with the most efficient pickup planning.  Our employee driver model provide superior service without the concern about who is next in line to pick up a passenger.  That means that the ratio of deadhead miles (miles traveled without a passenger on board) to paid miles will be significantly lower that the typical taxi service.  The result; less fuel consumed, less wear and tear on vehicles and tires, better customer service, lower cost of operation, lower cost to the consumer.
Another technology advantage we have today; distributed reservation agents!  That means technology in the home; a computer, broadband service, and a phone can can turn a home into the reservation agents workplace.  We can offer people who have to stay at home, have excellent customer services skills, and the available technology a home based job. What does that mean to the carbon footprint?  They don't have to drive to work.  We don't need a big office building that has to be heated and cooled... the ultimate improvement, in congestion, in convenience, and in reducing the local carbon footprint.

There is so much benefit from creating a sustainable, environmentally friendly, locally based organization that I really hope the public support will be overwhelming.  We have an incredible opportunity to do something great for regional transportation, for public service and for the environment.  Please support our locally owned, efficiently operated, customer friendly operation for your benefit and for the benefit of the environment and the local economy. 

Everywhere.  We have a small (200 sq ft) office at 344 E Foothills Parkway, Fort Collins, CO  80526.  But most of our reservation agent and management employees work from home.  That makes our carbon footprint very small since employees do not drive to and from work.  They work from their home office.  Several of our drivers regularly ride their bikes to work.  One of our drivers does not even own a vehicle.  We have the right people, the right technology, and the right attitude.

We hope we can earn your support and the support of anyone who is trying to do what they can to reduce our impact on the environment.