Environmental Impact

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Outline of contents to be placed on this page:
  • Create a display table that links actual miles driven and the estimated fuel consumption, carbon units, and CO2 savings comparing Green Ride to typical Taxi fleet vehicles.
  • Do the same for customer miles using the assumption of 2 customers/car, 
  • Show the environmental impact of using the bus
  • Customers served - carbon footprint 
  • Links to other public and private transportation providers
  • Strong advocate of biking and walking options for health and environmental benefits
  • Links to organizations that support activities that are good for the environment
  • environment
Greenhouse Gases
Carbon Units saved (N0X, CO2, ...) counts for:
  • Taxi
  • Airport Shuttle
  • Private Charter & Limo
   Taxi Airport Shuttle   Charters and Limos

General Data

Colorado Historical Gas Price Charts Provided by GasBuddy.com
  • Customers served

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