Drivers drive cars, buses, vans, limos.  Drivers are primarily focused on safety.  They take the safety of their passenger(s) as the most important responsibility of their job.  They will never compromise on safety.  They never talk on the phone or radio while driving.  Drivers drive in a fuel efficient manner.   That means slow and safe.  They pick the most efficient routes and make all reasonable efforts to provide the service that customers should expect.  For Green Ride that means timely, efficient, friendly, helpful service that is always done in a very safe manner.   Drivers keep their passengers informed about delays, exceptions, alternate routes, expected time of arrival and more.  Drivers have information about local events, activities and things to see and do.  Drivers are good communicators.  They provide or get the information passengers are looking for and help visitors enjoy their visit to North Front Range of Colorado.

Drivers know their vehicles inside and out.  They inspect the vehicle daily and perform minor maintenance whenever it is required.  They keep their vehicle clean and tidy.  They take care of their passengers and offer available amenities like water or a blanket.  They run their vehicles only when necessary for passenger comfort and safety.  Then never ask for tips.  They know where they are going, they know the road conditions, they know their vehicle.  Drivers follow all the rules of the road.  They take defensive driving courses and are never distracted when driving.  Our drivers are the best of the best.