Employment at Green Ride

Love people? Like to drive?

Green Ride Colorado, one of the fastest growing companies in Northern Colorado, is looking for great people to join our team! Our business model is based on respect and customer service, so we need employees who love people, like to drive, and want to enjoy their job.


Green Ride is Northern Colorado's premium service, transporting passengers between Wyoming and Northern Colorado and Denver International Airport. Driving opportunities include “in town” driving in Fort Collins and surrounding cities, driving to and from DIA, and even transporting passengers to/from Laramie and Cheyenne. Green Ride currently needs full time early morning drivers, -full time evening drivers and part time/ full time Flex drivers.

Non-CDL drivers (any driver who does not have a passenger endorsement) wage range is $9 to $13.50/hr plus tips and benefits, CDL drivers range from $11 to $17.50/hr plus tips and benefits. Tips can be a significant source of income for Green Ride drivers, depending on quality service and passenger volume. Future income growth is likely for drivers with great performance, self starters, natural leaders, and those who love to learn.


Health insurance for full time employees. Paid vacation for all employees. Profit sharing (25% of Green Ride profits go to our employees)! Overtime opportunities, and holiday pay. Great coworkers in a fun, respectful work environment! Free CDL training! Real opportunity to advance in a growing company. Company sponsored fun events and much more!


  • Great people who can Drive Safely. Safe defensive driving is Green Ride's top requirement!

  • Green Ride only hires people who are friendly, compassionate, helpful, great character, well organized, are able to frequently lift more than 50 lbs, and have an excellent driving record.

  • CDL with passenger endorsement preferred, but not required. Want to make even more money, willing to get permit and CDL very quickly? Green Ride can help!

  • Must be a team player, want to serve, and have a positive outlook on life. You are able to work with and support people who may be experiencing a great day or a not so great day. Green Ride customers are fantastic, but even they sometimes experience travel stress and general challenges. Our customers need drivers who can make their day a little better and share our excitement about living in an incredible region. Green Ride drivers must have great communication skills, good computer skills, problem solve, listen, direct, and communicate in many modes effectively and efficiently.

  • Green Ride drivers must be able to work flexible hours based on passenger loads and business needs. Must pass a DOT medical examination and have an excellent motor vehicle driving record (MVR). Applicants under 25 must have a perfect driving record with some type of commercial driving experience (any job where driving was a requirement of the job).

  • Fingerprinting, background checks and drug testing are also part of the hiring process. Other requirements will be discussed at the short interview session.

To join our team:

Step 1: Send your resume and/or cover letter to jobs@greenrideco.com

Step 2: A Green Ride support team member will review your materials, and send you a confirmation inviting you to our hiring event.

Step 3: Attend the Green Ride hiring event at our office next to the Fort Collins/Loveland Airport Terminal(4825 Earhart Rd, Loveland). Learn about our business and see if it is a good fit for you, then participate in the short interview process.
Step 4: We will decide if you are a good fit for Green Ride, and notify you of our decision very quickly; sometimes immediately!

Step 5: Green Ride training is about a two week process, and all training is paid after hire.

Step 6: Serve lots of people, drive and have fun!

Office Location @ Green Ride Central:
4825 Earhart Rd
Loveland, CO 80538 

Jobs at Green Ride:

  • Drivers. We are looking for great people who are safe excellent drivers. CDL and Passenger endorsement preferred but not required.  Full time and part time drivers for days, weekends and evenings.  Safety Focus, Flexibility, Availability, Positive Attitude and Great Character are the main characteristics we desire.
  • Reservation agents.  Great communication skills, well organized, good phone presence.  Qualifications include good computer skills, great organizational skills and a good sense of direction. Essential character traits include a friendly demeanor, a desire to help others, a positive outlook on life, the ability to work positively with people who are experiencing travel related challenges. You must actively listen, clearly communicate and accurately record travel information and customer details.
  • DIA Counter Agents.  We are looking for great reservation agents who can work at Denver International Airport.  Gotta love people and want to be really helpful.  If you live in Fort Collins or Boulder we will provide transportation between the Harmony Transportation Center (Fort Collins) or Baseline (Boulder) and DIA.
  • Dispatchers.  Reservation Agent skills plus incredibly well organized.  You maintain calm and focus on the customer for the entire operation.  Technically powerful.  Computer competence in web, email, spreadsheet, docs, and other general computer skills.  Excellent knowledge of city layouts, main streets, points of interest, hotels, etc.  Excellent detailed quick route planning.  This is a challenging and demanding role.
  • Driver Team Lead.  Driver Team Lead is a shift based lead driver who provides support and guidance for each of his or her team members.
  • Operations Support.  Daily Morning and Evening Operations Support. This is an operating support position that is responsible for guiding and supporting the immediate, daily and future needs of GR operations.

Green Ride Colorado is always accepting applications for the following positions:
You need to meet the basic requirements for the job you are applying for, like legal right to work in the US, education and/or experience, safe driving record, drug free, background check, etc.  Green Ride is an equal opportunity employer that will try to hire people with a caring heart who will take care of customers, the business, and each other.

Send your cover letter and/or application to jobs@greenrideco.com 

In no particular order here are some questions you should consider before applying.
  • Are you compassionate and do you show concern for others first?
  • Do you have an environmentally conscious 'green' philosophy in your daily life that is easily transferable to Green Ride?
  • Have you shown that you are dedicated and dependable?
  • Do you want to help make transportation services in the Front Range region of Colorado the very best it can be?
  • Are you a nice person?  Will friends, family, coworkers, and strangers vouch for you?  
  • How do you respond to stressful situations?
  • How do you deal with someone who is being very demanding?
  • What makes you tick?  Aside from basic wages and benefits, what are your primary motivations?
  • Can you describe an ideal work environment and can you help create that environment?
  • Are you flexible in taking on assignments?
  • What experience do you have with technology? (computer software, reservation and dispatch software, Internet, GPS, Credit Card)
  • Are you comfortable with technology?  Are you a quick learner?
  • How do you best learn new skills?  Classroom, self study, on the job training, computer based, personal coaching, other.
  • Are you self motivated?
  • How do you answer the phone?
  • Are you perfect or is there room for improvement?
  • What do you do at work when there is nothing to do?
  • Are you a team player?
  • Are you a good listener?
  • How do you feel about the environment?  Do you do anything to reduce, recycle, reuse?  Would you like to?
  • Do you drive like older (experienced and careful) folks?
  • Is the customer always right?
  • Do you drive like an Indy Car racer?
  • Do you talk on a cell phone or text when driving?
We do not want to work with people who:
  • Are aggressive
  • Have a temper
  • Are not willing to listen
  • Blame others for causing their problems
  • Are not willing to openly share their ideas
  • Want to push a specific personal view on others
We are looking for great people, but we do offer something in return*:
  • A good wage that is comparable to the industry standard
  • Paid vacation and sick time
  • Overtime pay
  • Health Care
  • Free standby rides to/from DIA for immediate family,
  • Many opportunities for advancement.
  • Every long term employee gets additional credit and earns an opportunity for higher compensation 
  • Easy to understand profit sharing and reinvestment plan
  • Company sponsored fun events and activities
  • Smoke free workplace
  • Every employee will have an opportunity to volunteer and be paid for 8 hours of their time each year
  • Opportunity to help create and build a great company
  • Respect and Trust to solve problems using your heart first
  • Empowered to make decisions and take responsibility
  • Involvement in making our region healthy through greenhouse gas reduction and positive environmental activities
  • Participation in local environmental programs such as Climate Wise, Clean Cities, Green Drinks, Chamber of Commerce and others
  • An opportunity to support our local economy.
  • Opportunity to grow personally and try on different assignments and responsibilities
* Some benefits will be available after a combination of time employed and contributions made to the success of the business.