Sample Airport Shuttle Letters

Residents of Northern Colorado need Better Service and Deserve a Choice!

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December 7, 2008

Mr. Gary Gramlick

1560 Broadway, Suite 250

Denver, CO 80202

Dear Mr. Gramlick:

I fully support Green Ride CO, Inc’s application for scheduled and call and demand airport service authority for the following reason(s):

This letter contains only information that is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.



Please Print Name and Position

Should a hearing by the Public Utilities Commission become necessary, I am willing to testify.



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In the following section you will find  a variety of comments supporting the Green Ride Colorado application for Authority to operate a "Call and Demand" and a "Scheduled" service between Northern Colorado and Denver International Airport:




Census data found on , recent traveler data posted on, and the 2007 Shamrock Airport Express annual report available from the Colorado Public Utilities Commission provided the following information:

  • Denver International Airport recently had several record breaking months showing a significant increase in the number of travelers passing through DIA in 2008.
  • Assuming the distribution of travelers is reasonably close to the distribution of the population across Colorado, then more than 10% of the travelers through DIA either begin or end their travels in Northern Colorado.  That means that 450,000 residents and visitors traveled to or from Northern Colorado each month.
  • In 2007 Shamrock Airport Express delivered over 160,000 Northern Colorado residents and visitors; an average of over 13,000 individual trips each month.
  • The 13,000 passengers served means less than 3% of the 450,000 possible travelers found it convenient or attractive enough to consider using the Airport Shuttle service.

The conclusion is that 97% of the public decided that shared ride ground transportation services to and from DIA are inadequate: the Northern Colorado region is seriously under served.  Residents and visitors are opting to use their personal vehicle, to rent a car, or to get a ride from a family member or a friend.  The transportation provided by a friend or family member doubles the amount of pollution by turning one passenger delivery into a round trip for the car!  This all results in unnecessary pollution, congestion, fuel consumption, strain on the infrastructure and stress to individuals. 

The lack of convenient service is bad for the public, bad for business and especially bad for the environment.  It is particularly challenging for visitors to the Northern Colorado region to find convenient trustworthy Shared Ride Airport Shuttle service.  I fully support the application for a second Airport Shuttle service in Northern Colorado.  

For the good of the public, for the good of the economy, for the good of the environment, please approve the application by Green Ride Colorado for authority to operate both call and demand and scheduled Airport Shuttle service.

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Unknown user,
Dec 7, 2008, 7:30 PM